Buddhist Dating Sites

Buddhist Dating Sites

Buddhist Dating: Find Your Perfect Match Online

Being one of the world’s major religions, Buddhism is widespread not only in South-East Asia but in many European countries and in America as well. However, in these countries, it is not prevailing; for example, in the USA, the total share of Buddhists is relatively small. Meanwhile, Buddhism is more than just a religion; it is a style of living. No surprise that Buddhists try to build a relationship with someone adhering to similar views. The best place where one can find such people in a huge country like the US is the Internet; in particular, dedicated Buddha dating sites.

Buddhist Dating Sites: What are They?

A Buddhist dating service is an online matchmaking agency (a.k.a. dating site) for the people who profess the Buddhist religion. On these sites, one can look for a life partner or friends who share his or her views. Basically, they work like any other dating sites: to start looking for a dream woman or man one needs to create an account on the site. The next step the verification. The methods of verification available can vary from one site to another. Also, it’s recommended to upgrade to the premium version (to pay a small membership fee.) A premium account opens an access to expanded possibilities and increases your credibility. 

Once the profile is created and verified, you can start filling it with useful information. Upload several photos to make your portfolio stand out of the crowd. After that, tell about yourself. Some websites offer to fill in a special questionnaire; others allow to write your own life stories or dairies. Moreover, there are some basic mandatory fields for you to fill. Thus, you’ll be requested to specify your age, your gender, and your purpose. Don’t forget to specify what kind of person you are looking for.

As soon as your profile is checked by the site’s administration, you are ready to start. There are two approaches: you can wait for someone to write to you or you can start a conversation yourself. Don’t be too shy, as all the rest users on the site pursue the same goals of finding friends, lovers or marriage partners.

Where Can I Find a Buddhist Single?

If you don’t live in Thailand then meeting Buddhist singles can be a sort of a problem. Of course, you can go to a local pagoda or join a themed community or group on Facebook. However, there is a better approach: using a dedicated mail order bride dating website where people like you are looking for each other. 

Buddhism is a world religion, so on a Buddhist online dating website, you can meet men and women of all nationalities that come from various countries. Most of them, traditionally, are the Asians – residents or descendants from Bhutan, Laos, Thailand, Japan, Shri-Lanka, India, Cambodia, and other countries of South or South-East Asia. However, there are many Americans and Europeans that profess Buddhism too, so it is not impossible to find a woman or a man from your country or even your region. 

Online dating is a popular and effective method of getting to know each other. It is convenient because you can make sure your counterpart shares your views before you meet him or her. It helps you to avoid unnecessary conversations and ineffective meetings with definitely unsuitable people. When dating online, you can learn all the information about your potential partner in advance. That is why more and more people believe that dating sites are the best place for meeting Dharma singles.

Are Buddhist Dating Sites Worth to Try?

The reasons why people choose Buddhist dating sites as a tool for finding their perfects matches are quite obvious. First and foremost, it is convenience. But how effective is this approach? Well, it depends. Nobody can guarantee 100% success but the share of happy Buddhist couples where the partners found each other on a dating site is reassuringly high. If you still don’t have a partner and don’t know where to look for her or him, a Dharma dating site is the best place to start with. Let’s try to single out all the benefits this method offers. 

  • It’s convenient. We’ve already spoken about it; let’s say it once again. You don’t have to waste time finding the Buddhists in your country or city. All the site’s users are the Buddhists by default. All you need is to apply the needed filters to choose the ones that comply with your criteria: age, sex, city, etc.

  • It’s fast. No matter where you live or what your lifestyle is like. Online dating doesn’t take much time. In fact, you can chat with several girls or guys simultaneously, and you don’t need to go anywhere to do it. 

  • It’s cheap. When you date online you don’t pay in restaurants. You even don’t buy flowers and gifts until you meet someone in real life. Yes, on some websites, you’ll have to pay a membership fee, but commonly, it is very low. 

These are the main reasons why people opt for dating services. Needless to say, they are an effective tool, especially if you want to find someone belonging to a particular social group, such as Buddhists.

Why Do Buddhists Looking for Partners Abroad?

When browsing Buddhist dating sites, you’ll find out that a lot of users (especially girls and women) from South-East Asia are looking for foreign partners. Why do they want to change their place of residence? The most common reasons for it seem obvious:

  • An unstable political, economic, and/or social situation in their native country. In many Buddhist countries – Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, - people live in poverty. Poor ecology, unemployment, awful living conditions are the primary reasons why they are looking for foreign partners.

  • Overpopulation. This is true for China, Thailand, Taiwan, Shri Lanka, and some other region. Demography is interconnected with all the rest spheres. Overpopulation is the reason for ecological problems, deficiency of natural resources, and low living standards.

  • Severe laws. Unfortunately, in many Buddhist countries, basic human rights are still violated severely. Frequently, women can’t get an education; they have no opportunities to make a career. Their life consists of hard physical labor for the most part.

These are the main reasons why women from Buddhist countries search for foreign partners. Besides, all of them want to find decent men who will treat them. with due respect. 

Buddhist Dating Advice

If you are not a Buddhist, and you are going to date a Buddhist woman, there are several things for you to consider. You need to understand what these girls expect from you, and what you should never do. Here are some basic Buddhist dating rules.

Firstly, keep in mind that most Buddhists adhere to traditional family values. They are taught to love and respect their marriage partner and parents. For both men and women, such traits as modesty, patience, and obedience are important. To win the heart of a Buddhist woman show your respect to her and her family.

Secondly, many true Buddhists are vegetarians or vegans. Even if they are not, their attitude to food, especially to meat products is very special. They believe that all living beings (including animals and plants) have a soul. Though humans have to eat plants and sometimes animals, they must do their best not to make them suffer. You’ll find a lot of rituals associated with food in Buddhism.

There are a lot of things in Buddhism that can seem weird to western people. And still, try to show a due respect to their culture and traditions, even if you don’t understand them completely. 

Buddhism at a Glance: What is It?

Buddhism is one of the world religions, which is mainly professed in the Southeastern Asia region. Unlike Islam and the Christian religion, Buddhism is more than just a religion; it is a comprehensive philosophic approach to life. The main ideas of Buddhism are the following:

  • They believe in the reincarnation and karma. If you behave well, you’ll be rewarded in your next iteration. 

  • Everyone and everything has a soul. You can be a flower or a stone in your next life.

  • The main goal of human existence is reaching Nirvana. You have to pass through 8 stages to reach it.

  • The physical and the spiritual; are closely interconnected. You should care about your body as thoroughly as about your soul.

The distinctive features of Buddhism are its peacefulness and tolerance to everyone. Even if you are a non-religious person, you’ll easily find common ground with a Buddhist.

To Sum It up

No matter whether you are a Buddhist or you just want to date someone from a Buddhist country, online dating sites allow doing it quickly and without hassle. Modern Buddhist dating services offer an array of useful tools for easy communication. Nowadays, you don’t need to go to Taiwan or Thailand to meet men or women who profess the Buddhist religion. They are just a couple of clicks away. Choose a reliable dating agency, create an account, and start dating.